Ayesha Ijaz (Hajj 2022)
Lahore - Pakistan
Me and my family were blessed to have performed Hajj in 2022 with Anas Travels. I believe that CEO Mr. Rasheed made every effort to make this experience memorable for each and every Hajji. Would definitely recommend the services of Anas Travels for your Umrah and Hajj journey.

Humaira Akram (Hajj 2019)
Lahore - Pakistan
We thank ANAS travel for arranging such a beautiful arrangement for the hajjaj.ANAS travel did a fabulous job and did not let anyone tell a mistake. I would also like to thank Miss Maryam.
Stay Blessed always Siddique Saab.

Usman Shakeel (Hajj 2019)
Lahore - Pakistan
Dear, Mr. Chief Executive Rashid Ahmed Siddiqui and your team-Thank you very much. Your group's success is your good conduct and good service.
All pilgrims pray for you.
May Allah bless you. Ameen

Imran Ayub (Hajj 2019)
Lahore - Pakistan
Thanks Anas Tours & Travel to provide us great service in Hajj. We appreciate your efforts for all group. Once again thanks Mr. Rashid Saddique.

Faraz Ahmad (Hajj 2019)
Lahore - Pakistan
Allah pak ap ko aisy hi hujaj ki ur mazeed khidmat ky mowaqy Ata farmay thanks Sadiqi sahab for your efforts.
God Bless You.

Ghulam Rasool Adil (Hajj 2018)
Lahore - Pakistan
I would like to pay my heartiest thanks to Mr Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqui and his team for fabulous hospitality of my family. We will remain obliged and definitely refer all our colleagues and family members to get your esteemed services in future.

Tanseer Asghar (Hajj 2018)
Lahore - Pakistan
I would like to appreciate Mr. Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqui and his staff for good hospitality of my family. I will definitely refer all our relatives and family members to get your esteemed services in future. Wish you a bright and successful future.
Allah bless you.

Tariq Jameel Paracha (Hajj 2017)
Lahore – Pakistan
Dear Siddiqui Sb, let me express my core heart feelings regarding performing HAJJ along with you. I and my family is not only satisfied in extreme, but thankful to you for extending such a nice and careful facilitations to the whole group. Regards, Tariq Jameel Paracha and family.
I pray that May Almighty Allah give uncountable reward to you and Anas travels, once again please accept my wishfulness.
Regards, Tariq Jameel Paracha and family.

Dawood Ahmed Malik (Hajj 2017) 
Mr. Rasheed is doing well and all arrangements are excellent. Small things can be happened anywhere. The other agents (moilem) even doesn't bather to explains these minor things. Mr. Rasheed is a wonderful personality and he provided nice hospitality. Personally, I am appreciated for his cooperation and his best service. I will surely recommend all my friends to contact Mr. Rasheed for his services.
Cheer Mr. Rasheed.

Adnan Butt (Hajj 2016)
Lahore – Pakistan
Dear Rasheed Saab,
Thank you for this amazing trip to the most amazing place/places on this planet. We were taken good care of by your staff, there were few ups and downs but then it was a 40 day trip and fews hiccups were expected as we know its not an easy task to take along about 20 different families from all over Punjab. It was nice meeting people in the group aswell. May Allah accept our Hajj, Ibadat and dua. Ameen

Engineer Ziaullah Mughal (Hajj 2015)
Lahore - Pakistan
ANAS Travels have done very good arrangements for our hajj group. I really appreciate their efforts, me and my wife were very happy during our stay at Holly Places. We pray for ANAS Travels good days ever.